About Renee Chaya Levy

Renee Chaya Levy was born in Cairo, Egypt. After the Six Day War, her family (father, mother and 7 siblings)  emigrated to France where they lived for two years.

In 1969, the family made Aliya to Eretz Yisrael and settled in the seaside town of Bat Yam. In December 1974, while working in purchasing department of the Israel Aerospace Industries in Lod, she met her future husband, Yehiel Levy who was working in the supply department. Renee and Yehiel immediately clicked and were attracted to each other, and they knew that they were destined to marry. After three months, they were engaged and in August 1975, they married. From August 1975 till October 2005, they raised their two sons Chaim and Ronnie,  working and living in the town of Givatayim. Renee taught Arabic and French at the local schools and from 1980-2005 was very active in the schools’ PTAs.  


In October 2005, after two years when their son Haim was relocated by his company to NY, they decided to relocate to Teaneck to be with Haim and his wife Meital. Sometime between Pesach and Shavuot 2006, they joined Congregation Beth Aaron. Renee worked at an Oradell based law firm representing American Jews whose family members were victims of terror attacks in Israel. Renee’s mastery of Arabic got her a job translating classified documents from Arabic and Hebrew to English.


In December 2007, Renee was diagnosed with cancer and together with Yehiel, for six years, battled relentlessly, in their attempts to beat this disease, with the ongoing and loving support of the community, Chaviva and Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, and many friends. Unfortunately, after six years, the disease caught up with Renee and she was niftera on Chai Sivan 5773. Four months after her passing, Renee’s family decided to form this medical equipment gemach in her memory, to help those in Bergen county who need it. Larry Kahn, Micha Kaufman and Mo-b Singer came on board to help and support. Rabbi Larry Rothwachs who gave the gemach his blessing and support, named the gemach “Rinat Chaim” after Renee Chaya. Yehi Zichra Baruch.